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FOCUS on Posta Shqiptare

Postal service branches out

Photo: Posta

Albania’s Posta Shqiptare is leveraging its network and investing heavily in technology to develop state-of-the-art financial services

Founded in 1912, Albania’s state-owned national postal service has undergone a major transformation since the end of the 20th century, embracing technological developments in the delivery of services, while maximizing the utilization of its 500-strong network of branches and 2,500 staff.     

We are the biggest financial supermarket in Albania with the lowest interest rates

Laert Duraj

CEO, Posta Shqiptare

Like modern western European postal companies, Posta has become a financial institution by combining its tradition of public service with a new array of customer functions, such as utility payments, pensions, money transfers and other options such as agro-credits and treasury bills for investors.

“We are the biggest financial supermarket in Albania,” said Laert Duraj, CEO of Posta Shqiptare.

“Our mission is to serve all Albanian citizens and also SMEs, offering them a trusted partner with the lowest interest rates,” Duraj added.

Posta’s current direction is to develop the potential for internet-based services by investing 30 percent of its income in technology. Payments via Albania’s Agency for the Delivery of Public Services (ADISA) platform should soon be possible via mobile application, as Posta also enters the growing e-commerce sector with the launch of an e-parcel service aimed at a market of seven million consumers in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.