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FOCUS on Eurosig

Insurance is one of the four pillars of a country’s development

Photo: Eurosig

Ranked the fastest growing insurance company in Albania and the second largest in the country, Eurosig is making a mark in the Western Balkan’s previously underdeveloped insurance industry. From Albania, it has expanded into Kosovo and Macedonia. Now, Eurosig’s president Kardi Morinaj aims to bring the company’s strengths into new European markets. “Albania and Eurosig have to walk together in order to join the EU at the same stage of development,” he said.

Eurosig is the insurance company of European standards

Kadri Morinaj

President, Eurosig

Eurosig, which has around 3,000 employees, prides itself on the diversity of its insurance products and for its adherence to EU standards. Partnering with international companies, Eurosig offers insurance to the increasing number of foreign investors in Albania. “We offer all the same conditions that any German insurance company would offer them to protect their assets,” said Morinaj.