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FOCUS on Gjoka Konstruksion

The Arberi project has followed every step that would be followed in the EU

Gjoka Konstruksion

Gjoka Konstruksion is, quite literally, laying the foundations of Albania’s future. Starting as a small family business 25 years ago, Gjoka Konstruksion has quickly grown into one of Albania’s top three infrastructure companies. Now, it is embarking on one of the country’s most complex projects to date.

The Albanian government has made infrastructure a core component of its development, and in recent years, has aligned the sector with EU standards. Gjoka Konstruksion is a key partner in this national strategy, having been awarded a 13-year PPP contract to build and maintain the €250 million Arberi highway. “This is one of the biggest infrastructure projects that Albania has ever embarked upon. It is a feat of engineering,” said Gjoka Konstruksion’s owner, Rrok Gjoka. The project is anticipated to take three years to complete and encompasses a 74km road, including 8.6km of tunnels and 150-meter-high bridges. The project is being executed according to EU standards, laying the groundwork for the hope of Albania’s future in the EU. “We want to be in the EU as soon as possible, not only to enable EU companies to come here but also to enable us to go and compete in the EU,” added Gjoka.

We have experience, we have invested a lot and we have also arguably taken on more risks than our competitors

Rrok Gjoka

Owner & Administrator, Gjoka Konstruksion