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Tourism & Culture

Surprising Albania

Gjipe beach near Dhermi on Albania’s southern coast. Photos: Shutterstock

This dreamy Mediterranean destination is not only excellent value, but its off-the-beaten-path status keeps it authentic and free from hordes of tourists – at least for now.


The Mediterranean diet at its best. Blending local fare with the best of Balkan, Greek, Turkish and Italian food, Albanian cuisine is simply spectacular.

Fresh local produce in Tirana. Photo: :Gent Onuzi


Albania’s capital city has undergone an urban renaissance. What was a grey remnant of the communist past now bursts with culture, color and festivities.

Albania’s National History Museum in Skanderbeg Square Photos: :Gent Onuzi


The Butrint Archaeological Site hosts some of the most remarkable ruins in Europe, but unexpected glimpses into Albania’s fascinating past await at every corner.

The ancient ruins of Butrint. Photo: :Alket Islami


With everything from gorgeous folk art to globally acclaimed writers, musicians and painters, Albania is a barely-known artistic hotbed. Even Albania’s prime minister is an artist.

Famous Albanian musicians Olen Cesari and Inva Mula Photos: :Gent Onuzi